Is Billie On “The Resident” Pregnant In Real Life?

Ever since the third season of Fox drama series “The Resident” began, fans have been wondering about Billie’s motherhood journey.

Billie, played by actress Jane Leeves, married Co-Chief Resident AJ Austin portrayed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner and subsequently moved up the ranks from Resident to Attending Physician at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

With all the new pressures of healthcare and managing the hospital seems to have put a strain on the couple’s marriage. In a recent episode, it was strongly suggested that Billie is pregnant with AJ’s baby.

So, what is the truth?

The development in the show is completely fictional, which means that Jane Leeves of “The Resident” is not pregnant in real life.

Vera is currently spending time with her family at home. During an interview with People Magazine, she said:

“I’m very blessed to be surrounded by many things that bring me joy and light during these days of quarantine. I’m thankful for my family, with whom I’m privileged to be able to spend these difficult times”

We wish Jane Leeves all the best with her health, happiness and projects!

The future looks promising for Jane Leeves, who also stars on the hit TV sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”. On top of that, she recently showcased her singing and music skills in Netflix’s “Hollywood”.

We wish Jane Leeves all the best with her health, happiness, and projects!

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