Many of us struggle to work out what matters in life. From our day-to-day routines, to the bigger choices we face, it can be hard to find our own sense of direction. We can feel temporary contentment from our accomplishments, but not necessarily a feeling of real value or meaning.

What Does It Mean to Work Out Meaning?

When we talk about working out meaning, we’re talking about how we can create a more meaningful life for ourselves – one that gives us a sense of purpose and fulfilment. It’s about connecting to our inner desires and aspirations, and going out of our way to actively live a life that is true to our values.

Finding Meaningful Experiences

To make life more meaningful, it’s important to seek out new or different experiences. This could involve exploring, learning or trying something new. From going on a holiday to taking up a new hobby or volunteer work, there are all sorts of ways to keep our lives interesting while developing new skills.

Making Our Time Count

Our aspirations and values can also determine how we use our time. This might involve making more time for meaningful relationships and activities, seeking out experiences that we find fulfilling, or taking regular breaks from our day-to-day routines.

Making Connections

Finding meaning in life often involves finding something that resonates with us. This might be connecting to a cause or a passion, or simply learning about ourselves and the world around us. Finding a connection to people, places and ideas that propel us forward is a great way to give life added depth and meaning.

Living A Life With Meaning

Creating a life that we can be proud of is a process that we can actively work at every day. By understanding our values and exploring meaningful experiences, we can piece together a life that we can be truly proud of.

In Summary:

    • Working out meaning in life is about creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life for ourselves.
    • Connecting to our inner desires and actively seeking out new experiences can help us find fulfillment.
    • Making time for meaningful relationships and activities, and taking regular breaks can add value and purpose to our lives.
    • Finding things that interest us and resonate with us can help us to gain greater meaning and depth in life.
    • Piecing together all of the above can help us to create a life we can be proud of.

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