Life is unpredictable and never stays the same, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, highs and lows, and sometimes even the greatest of loves can change our lives. We all search for meaning, for a connection, for someone to truly understand us and someone to be our soulmate.

And what happens when that person who we can’t live without is taken from us? What does our life look like then, when it’s been broken into a thousand pieces, stuck on repeat and never quite the same again?

Things Will Never be the Same Afterwards

It can be hard to describe the feeling of loss that follows, the feeling of being abandoned, lost and hopeless. It’s a feeling of being constantly on the edge of something, always searching and never finding.

For some, it can seem almost impossible to imagine life without them.

Finding Comfort in New Things

But then, eventually, one day, life starts to slowly change and we can find solace and comfort in the little things that come along with the pain. We can find strength in the people around us and in moments that are beautiful and bittersweet.

Finding Ourselves Again

We can find joy in the moments and in the little things that bring us back to feeling alive and happy. We can find new challenges, new paths and find new ways of embracing life even without them.

We can find strength in our resilience and living without them no longer feels like a prison, but instead a new beginning.


A life without someone we love can feel like a life of emptiness, but we can find our own way of surviving this devastating loss. We can find ways of feeling laughter, joy and love in the small moments, and on our own, find our way back to living a full life. A life without them can be a beautiful life too.

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