Do you ever feel weighed down by life’s everyday obligations? When we’re in this type of disconnected state of mind from our highest self, it can be difficult to start each day with joy and find peace in our lives.

Your Mind is the Intellect

Our minds are so powerful. When we rely solely on our minds, the intellect is controlling us and we are simply living life on autopilot. It’s when we start to use our minds to channel our higher self, our divine spirit, that we start to experience more joy and peace.

A Spiritual Connection is Key

When we take time to focus on discovering our highest self, and loving that part of us, we start to recognize a spiritual connection in us. The path to true fulfillment lies in the power that exists when we are mindful and open to the spiritual presence that runs deep within.

Benefits of Mindful Spiritual Living

The following are just some examples of the many benefits that come when we are mindful and connect with our spirit:

    • Focus: We can better focus on the present moment with complete clarity and understanding.
    • Clarity: Our intuitive powers come alive and allow us to gain deeper insights.
    • Growth: We can bring growth, progress and transformation to every aspect of our lives.
    • Balance: Our emotional and physical health balances as we become present with our highest self.
    • Contribution: Our lives are filled with the joy of contributing and living our life’s purpose.

Living Life with Peace

When our minds are under the control of our spirit, it brings life and peace. We become open and mindful of the possibilities that this wisdom brings us. It gives us the courage to stay true to ourselves and become who we want to be.

Living life with a mind controlled by the spirit is the only true way to experience life and peace. When we can clear the chaos, detach from our lower minds and embrace the higher spiritual energy within, then we can find joy, peace and balance in all that we do.

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