The Life is Strange franchise is a popular adventure game series developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The series has four games and five spin-off titles, each focusing on its own storyline. Many gamers are wondering if these games are all connected in some way. Here is an overview of the franchise and its connection to each title.

Life is Strange (2015)

Life is Strange is the first game in the franchise and follows the story of Max Caulfield, an eighteen-year-old photography student who discovers she has the power to rewind time. With the help of her friend Chloe Price, she soon learns that she must use her newfound powers to prevent a coming storm that will threaten her hometown.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (2017)

Before the Storm is the prequel to Life is Strange, set three years before the events of the first game. Players control Chloe Price as she navigates a tumultuous three day journey that will test her morality and shape the events of the original game.

Life is Strange 2 (2018)

Life is Strange 2 follows the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel Diaz, who leave Seattle and go on the run after a tragic incident. As the brothers travel from Seattle to California, they are faced with the harsh realities of life on the road and the choices they must make in order to survive.

The Connection

All four Life is Strange games are connected in some way, although not in a linear narrative. Each game has its own distinct story, but their universes overlap. Characters, locations and references made to previous games appear throughout the series.

For example, in Before the Storm, many of the places and characters mentioned in Life is Strange appear. In Life is Strange 2, Chloe Price is mentioned and referenced several times.

Additionally, the themes of morality, fate and consequences are explored throughout the series, and all of the games ultimately come back to the importance of making difficult choices.


The Life is Strange games are all connected in a few key ways, but the stories and characters are distinct in each one. Despite being set in an overlapping universe, each game offers its own unique narrative and themes. Those who love the series should be sure to check out all four main games and the exciting spin-off titles.

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