It seems like teenage heartthrob Nicholas Galitzine and the rebellious Star of Disney’s “Descendent’s” Sofiia Carson fuel up romance speculations in the media. As their fans are hoping for some real-life magic between the stars, are Sofiia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine a real-life couple?

Rumored Relationship

The media first noted that Nicholas and Sofiia Carson have a very special bond when they appeared together on red carpets and at social media events. Their fans have also noted their romantic chemistry in a few of their public appearances, although the couple has never admitted to being in a relationship. In October 2016, the couple turned a lot of heads when they arrived arm in arm at the Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Party.

Nicholas Galitzine and Sofiia Carson’s Career Achievements

Both Sofiia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine are successful artists in their own right.

    • Sofiia Carson – She is an actress, singer and dancer, most popular for her roles in the Disney’s Descendent movie franchise. Recently, Sofiia Carson made her Broadway debut in Freaky Friday.
    • Nicholas Galitzine – He is a successful British film and television actor. After appearing in a number of short films, Nicholas made his big-screen debut with a supporting role in the romantic drama film Handsome Devil, for which he was highly praised.

Are They Dating?

Although Sofiia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine have never spoken about their relationship status, the media is eager to find out if the two are indeed a couple. Unfortunately, the couple has never talked about their relationship, so it is unknown if the stars are really in a relationship or if they are just good friends and colleagues.

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