Will & Sonny first made waves in the LGBT community when they were paired together on the popular Nickelodeon show “Rugrats”. The show focused on the adventures of four main characters, and Will & Sonny were often seen as the “couple” of the group. Since then, speculation has surrounded the question: Are Will and Sonny really gay in real life?

What We Know

We do know that Will & Sonny’s voice actors, Jason Liles and Jean Luc Deffray, are openly gay off-screen. This could suggest that the characters they portray are gay too, but there is no official confirmation from the creators of the show.


Given the era when the show first aired, it is unlikely that any official confirmation of Will and Sonny’s sexuality would have been made. That said, there are several hints in the show that could be interpreted as a suggestion that the two characters are in fact gay.

For example:

    • They often shared plans and adventures together – Will & Sonny were frequently seen dreaming up plans to escape their everyday lives and explore the world.
    • They were often seen holding hands in public – This could suggest a deeper bond between Will & Sonny, beyond that of a regular friendship.
    • They had a special secret hideout – Will and Sonny had a secret treehouse that was used for escapes and private adventures.


At the end of the day, the real answer to the question of whether Will and Sonny are gay in real life is still up for debate. However, many fans of the show have drawn their own conclusions from the subtle hints left by the show’s creators, and it’s clear that Will & Sonny have left a deep impression on the LGBT community.

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