Best places to live in Connecticut

5 best places to live in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state in the New England region of the United States. People who live in Connecticut love its proximity to New York City and Boston, as well as all the other benefits that come with living in such a small state. The state offers plenty of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy, such as hiking and skiing. One should also not forget about Connecticut’s many museums and historic sites!

Connecticut is filled with many cities that are perfect for anybody looking to live in the Northeast. It also has several suburbs that are great for families and people who love to raise pets. Whether you want to be in a bustling city or out in the country, Connecticut has everything you need. The five best places to live in Connecticut are Bridgeport, Middletown, Stamford, Stratford, and New Haven.

best places to live in Connecticut,
Best places to live in Connecticut

While Connecticut has a lot to offer, a lot of people don’t actually know where the best place to live in the state is. This is why we have compiled a list of five of the best places to live in Connecticut.

The Five Best Places to Live in Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut is a city in the United States. It is located in the state of Connecticut and has about 147,000 residents. Bridgeport is home to numerous colleges and universities including the University of Bridgeport, Western Connecticut State University, Fairfield University, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Adelphi University-Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and Sacred Heart University. The city’s economy consists largely of jobs in education and healthcare.

In my opinion, Bridgeport, Connecticut is a strong option for someone who is looking to live near the New York City metropolitan area. It has a population of 139,357 and a density of 3,048 per square mile.

best places to live in Connecticut, Bridgeport,
Bridgeport – best places to live in Connecticut

Bridgeport is a prime example of postindustrial America. The city has experienced great economic change over the years, which has led to its status as one of the poorest cities in America. Bridgeport provides many opportunities for those who are willing to take them. With low unemployment rates, low crime rates, affordable housing, and access to quality education, the city provides excellent opportunities for people with financial security to thrive.

It’s easy to see why Bridgeport is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. If you have a passion for the arts, then Bridgeport is the place for you. You will find a lot of museums, art galleries, restaurants, live theaters, and much more. The city also boasts one of the best sports stadiums in the Northeast. It is home to the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball team and the Mohegan Sun Arena. If you are looking for a place to live near the water, there is no shortage of options. There is also a lot of great entertainment, so it’s the perfect place for anybody looking to live the Connecticut lifestyle.

Middletown – best places to live in Connecticut

The best place to live in Middletown is what some would call the town center. The town center offers many dining options, entertainment venues, and shopping. Plus, it is also the home to Wesleyan University, one of the most prestigious schools in Connecticut. Middletown’s total population of 70,000 residents is the second-largest of all towns in Connecticut, right behind Hartford. Of course, all of this makes it the perfect place to raise a family and enjoy an active lifestyle!

best places to live in Connecticut,
Middletown – best places to live in Connecticut

Housing prices are on the lower end in Middletown, Connecticut. The town has some good schools and more than one hospital. It is also an easy commute to the city of Hartford, which is just 20 minutes away by car or train. Most people have easy access to major highways and public transit, which makes commuting less of a hassle.

A therapist who lives in Middletown says – ” I live in Middletown, Connecticut because it satisfies the needs of my family. I am a single father and my job as a therapist provides a space for me to do meaningful work. My son also has a safe place to grow up and go to school. The community is diverse and inclusive, which is important to me.

Stamford – best places to live in Connecticut

Stamford is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer. With many historic sites and gorgeous nature, Stamford offers something for everyone. There is also plenty of natural resources to offer in the form of fishing and the Stamford Reservoir. According to NerdWallet, it is ranked in the top 100 safest cities to live in.

best places to live in Connecticut
Stamford – best places to live in Connecticut

It is also one of the best places to live in Connecticut because it has great schools, a low cost of living, low crime rates, and a large job market. The second fastest growing city in Connecticut is in the top five best places to live in the state! The county is also located close to the town of Guilford, which is a great place to explore as well.

According to the Web site for the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Stamford is “the heart of Connecticut” and is home to many Fortune 500 companies. The city has 50 parks, 25 museums, and numerous cultural institutions. Stamford also boasts excellent research universities in two-thirds of the regions of the world that have been designated by the Carnegie Foundation as being “Research Universities of Tier 1 Status.

The benefits of living in Stamford, Connecticut are that it has a sense of community that extends into the surrounding areas. It also offers cultural events, recreational activities, and educational opportunities for its residents. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from in this area with all sorts of home styles. The commute to the city is only 30 minutes by train or car if one lives on the outskirts of town.

Stratford – best places to live in Connecticut

Stratford is the place to live if you love the arts. It’s home to the famous Shubert Theatre, which hosts the touring Broadway shows as well as numerous world-class productions each year. People come from all over the world to take in the performances of some of the best performers in the world, and the theater is a must see for any Broadway enthusiast.

best places to live in Connecticut,
Stratford – best places to live in Connecticut

Many tourists also come to visit one of the many museums in the area, like the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Museum of Natural History, which are the perfect places to admire beautiful art in the comfort of a museum. The city also has lots of attractions for families, like a zoo and aquarium. While many people tend to associate Stratford with summer activities, people actually love this city all year round.

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Stratford offers an environment for residents to live in with a sense of peace and austerity. The downtown area is quaint, old fashion, and has charm. It is also close to the beach.

New Haven – best places to live in Connecticut

New Haven is the state’s most populous city and also the second-largest city in the entire Northeast United States. The city has great cultural and historical attractions, a bustling downtown area, and a large residential population. New Haven also has a thriving arts and music scene. There are many neighborhoods in New Haven that are truly beautiful. Many people want to be near Yale University.

New Haven, 
best places to live in Connecticut
New Haven – best places to live in Connecticut

The city is also in close proximity to Fairfield County, which is home to dozens of affluent villages and farmland. It is also a short drive away from New York City, which is actually very walkable. New Haven is also the home of the prestigious Whalley School, which was founded by the English poet Ezra Pound. In addition to this, The New Haven Museum and Yale University are also both located here.

New Haven is an urban, diverse city which is home to Yale, as well as many cultural and intellectual attractions. It’s also a convenient location for those who work in NYC or Boston, as it’s just two hours away from each city. The population consists of both first- and second-generation immigrants and first- and second-generation Americans. As such, the food and art scene reflects this diversity and is always changing.


In conclusion, Connecticut is a great place to live and work. It has some of the best schools in the country and low crime rates for a city its size. There are many diverse neighborhoods, so there’s something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for a city, suburbs, or rural area, Connecticut can provide all of these environments in one place.

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