The hit series Alexa & Katie and their stars Paris Berelc and Isabel May have taken the world by storm. Fans everywhere are tuning in to watch the duo navigate junior high and their friendship, but many are also wondering if Berelc and May are living their characters’ lives in real life. Specifically, some fans want to know if Alexa and Katie really shaved their heads like their characters did in the show.

Shaving Heads on Screen

In the show, both Alexa and Katie shave their heads as a symbol of unity and their deep friendship. Both characters go through with their dramatic hair makeovers, although Alexa falters at the last minute. It’s a touching moment that films well and the two actresses shaved their hair for the scene.

DIY Haircuts?

Many viewers have been left wondering if the actresses decided to keep their new looks after they left the film set. We can confirm that neither Berelc nor May have shaved their heads outside of the show. The pair have managed to keep their stylish locks in promotional posters and films, so it appears that DIY haircuts are off the table for now.

In the End

Alexa & Katie have fans everywhere tuning in to watch their tight-knit friendship, so the decision to shave their heads certainly made waves in the community. While the pair may never need to film the scene again, the commitment both Alexa and Katie showed to their friendship will be remembered by fans for years to come.

Things to Remember:

    • Paris Berelc and Isabel May do not have shaved heads in real life
    • The duo shaved their heads for the show in a dramatic scene
    • The sacrifice of the two friends will not be forgotten by fans

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