Arizona Robbins, a highly esteemed character from the show Grey’s Anatomy, was central to many of the show’s most fascinating storylines. From being a passionate and ambitious surgeon and growing into a supportive and loving mentor, Arizona charmed viewers throughout her time on the show.

One of the standout storylines with Arizona was her leg amputation, which understandably caused many fans to wonder if the beloved character had to suffer a similar tragedy in real life.

The Leg Amputation On Grey’s Anatomy

On the show, the amputation of Arizona Robbins’ leg was due to a tragic plane crash that left her and several other characters in critical condition. Viewers sympathised with Arizona as she learned to adjust to life with a prosthetic limb and adapted to her new identity as an amputee. Her emotional journey provided a powerful and inspiring narrative for fans of the show.

Did She Really Lose Her Leg?

Thankfully, the answer is no. In real life, Arizona Robbins, played by actress Jessica Capshaw, never had to lose her leg. Despite the graphic and emotional portrayal of her leg amputation, the storyline was purely fictional.

Furthermore, while prosthetic leg was crafted and used to film the storyline, Capshaw never had to wear it and no prosthetics were attached to her body. Instead, the special effects team used a fake leg that was fastened to the actor’s thigh by a wrist wach-like device.

Why Did She Choose To Depart From The Show?

Jessica Capshaw, the woman behind the iconic character of Arizona Robbins, made the decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy after completing her contract with the show’s producers.

Her portrayal of Arizona Robbins was well-received by fans and earned her the award for Best Supporting Actress in 2018. She left the show to develop other projects and fulfil her career goals.


The leg amputation storyline of Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy was riveting and emotionally moving, but luckily wasn’t based in real life. The character was brilliantly portrayed by Jessica Capshaw, who was awarded an Emmy for her work on the show before she decided to move on to other projects.

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