Babs, aka Whitney Thore’s grandmother, was an unforgettable character on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. She’s been a supportive force in Whitney’s life since the beginning, and fans will surely miss her greatly.

Did Babs Pass Away?

Yes, unfortunately Babs did pass away on February 9th, 2018. After a lengthy, multi-year battle with multiple medical issues, Babs has passed away peacefully. Whitney was by her side until the very end and is deeply saddened by the loss of her beloved grandmother.

Babs’ Impact On Whitney

From the very beginning, Babs was a major part of Whitney’s life, always offering on advice and support. Babs’ passing will undoubtedly have a profound impact on Whitney’s life, but her legacy will carry on into each episode.

Remembering Babs

Babs was a beloved force on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. Here are some of the best moments we got to experience on the show thanks to Babs:

    • Babs’ sense of humor: Babs always brought the laughs, from her dark one-liners to her fiery sass.
    • Her special dance moves: Babs was notorious for showing off her fun and flirty moves around the house.
    • Her wisdom: Babs was always quick to offer up sage advice to Whitney, always doing what she thought was best.

Babs’ passing is a devastating moment for Whitney and fans alike. She will surely be missed, but will never be forgotten.

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