When it comes to hit TV shows, My 600 lb Life is definitely one of them. The series, hosted by Dr. Now, shows the arduous, often heartbreaking journey of individuals seeking to lose considerable weight and regain control over their lives. One of the brave individuals featured in the show was Donald, a Texas native who originally weighed in at 690 lbs.

Journey to Getting Healthy

Donald’s journey first aired in 2018, when he portrayed his story on the 5th season of the show. Through weight-reducing surgeries, strict diet and exercise plans, as well as psychological counseling and support from Dr. Now, Donald was able to make tremendous progress in his weight loss goals.

The Aftermath

After a few months and a 40-lb weight loss, Donald was able to return to his family in Texas. Upon his return, he continued to keep up with his diet and exercise routine in the hopes of continuing to lose more weight and gain more independence in his lifestyle.

Did Donald Die?

So, what became of Donald after his journey on My 600 lb Life? Fortunately, Donald did not die. While his story was profiled on the show, we know that he is still working hard towards his goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    • He has kept up with his diet and should be proud of the incredible progress he has made.
    • He continues to reach out to fans through social media posts, letters and emails.
    • He has become an inspiration to fellow 600 lb Life fans, motivating them to continue on their own weight loss journeys.

Donald is a true testament to the power of resilience and determination to conquer any obstacle. He is a living reminder to all of us that, no matter what life throws at us, we can still dream big, set goals and make them happen.

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