Blue birds, or Sialia currucoides, are some of the most beautiful birds found in North American habitats. Aside from their attractive blue feathers, these birds are also admired for their loyal, loving relationships!

The Phenomenon

These birds have the unique capability to stay together for the entirety of their lives, even when raising their offspring. Once the two blue birds identify each other as possibly being a mate, they start creating a union of unconditional love and commitment. Pairings usually start to form in late winter and can continue on to the next generations.

The Nuptial Gift

An interesting mate-attracting behavior that they have is gifting each other with small items. Various objects like pieces of feathers, spider webs and shiny objects can be seen around their nesting area. This showcase is sent in order to find a suitable mate for when breeding season begins.

Maintaining the Bond

The bond between the two birds is maintained by their Nest Singing. Everyday, their souls are connected by reinforcing their bond with the same song sang by them every season.

Finding a New Love

If the two were to ever separate upon their beloved’s death, they will both look for a new love which they can share the same connection with. The bird will then look for a replacement mate, while at the same time they must take care of their young without the help of another.


All in all, blue birds really do mate for life, creating a beautiful and unconditional bond. Through their loyal behavior, they have been able to capture the hearts of many who observe them in their natural habitats. So if you’re ever lucky enough to come across them, take a moment and watch the beauty that is their life long bond.

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