Life straws are a water filtration product that uses a hollow-fiber membrane technology to filter out microbial organisms from water. They are a convenient, safe and easy-to-use water filter, which makes them popular with campers, hikers, and travelers. But do life straws expire?


Life straws don’t have an exact expiration date. However, they should be replaced at least every five years or after filtering around 1,000 liters of water.

Reasons to Replace Life Straws Regularly:

    • The filter may become clogged over time, making it harder to use.
    • The life of the filter depends on water quality and other factors. Over time, the life of the filter might be reduced.
    • While life straws filter 99.99 percent of bacteria from water, it’s possible that the filter could let some bacteria pass through after being used for a long time.

Overall, life straws are a great way to provide safe drinking water on the go. But to ensure the best water filtration and hygiene, it’s important to replace the filter regularly.

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