Parrot are intelligent and ornamental birds that can make wonderful additions to a family house. Parrots can form strong bonds with their owners, especially if given enough love and attention. Additionally, parrots can be very loyal to their mates. The question is, do parrots mate for life?

Do Parrots Mate For Life?

It has been said that parrots mate for life, but the truth is that they don’t necessarily live with that one same partner forever. Some species of parrots will mate with a single partner for life, while others will not.

    • Parrot Species that Mate for Life – Some parrots, such as macaws, eclectus parrots, and African grey parrots, will mate with one partner for life. It is possible to have a single parrot living over 20 years, and they can remain together that entire time.
    • Parrot Species that Switch Partners – Other parrot species, such as cockatiels, amazon parrots, and lovebirds, do not typically mate for life. They may switch partners multiple times during their lifetime, and may even form lasting relationships with a various mates over the years.

The main factor in determining whether or not a parrot will mate for life is their living situation. If the parrot is in the wild, it is much more likely for it to switch partners and form relationships with different birds throughout its life. If a parrot is kept as a pet in a contained environment, it is more likely to remain with the same mate.


In conclusion, not all parrots mate for life. The species and living situation of the parrot are the two most important factors in determining if they will stay with one partner or choose multiple mates throughout their lifetime.

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