Gift giving is an important part of celebrating life. Many of us, when invited to a celebration of life event, feel like bringing a gift, card or offering of some kind. But it is not always necessary or expected.

Express Gratitude

We show our love and support by being present, listening and being present in the moment with those who are mourning. If you feel a gift would be appropriate you can bring a floral arrangement or memorial contribution. This token of love serves to let the grieving family know they are in your heart and thoughts.

Appropriate Gifts

Gifts that honor the life of their loved one offer comfort to the family. Here are some appropriate gifts to give:

    • A memory book filled with precious photos of the deceased and stories from family and friends.
    • A special gift that held sentimental value to the deceased such as an item of jewelry, artwork or memorabilia.
    • An inscription on a tree or a meaningful donation to a charity of their choice.
    • A framed picture of their loved one.
  • Small tokens such as flowers, candles, books, or plants.

The Power of Intention

Most importantly, the power of your intention is what truly matters. When you offer a gift of any kind, express it with love and give it with an open heart. Ultimately, a gift is just an outward expression of an inner spiritual connection, and it is the thought behind it that brings true healing.

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