It is understandable to question if internet access is needed for something as important as Life Alert. Life Alert provides vital medical, home security, and emergency response services and is available 24/7. Regardless if you need medical assistance or home security, you need reliable service.

Benefits Offered With Internet Connected Life Alert


    • Control From Anywhere: With a connected Life Alert system you will be able to use your smartphone, tablet, or remote computer to take control of the system.
    • 24/7 Support: With Life Alert you can connect with dedicated team of dispatchers any time day or night.
    • Connected to Additional Sensors: When connected to the internet Life Alert can connect to other sensors in your house to provide additional protection.
    • LarGer Coverage Area: Connecting your Life Alert system to the internet allows for a larger coverage area, which can make a significant difference in an emergency.

Can You Use Life Alert Without Internet?


Fortunately, you don’t need internet access to use Life Alert. Through their wireless network they can provide most of the features of a connected system. The system is easily activated and responds quickly to any emergency that may arise. Without the internet you can still benefit from their:

    • 24-Hour Medical Monitoring: Life Alert provides 24-hour medical monitoring, even without being connected to the internet.
    • Fast Response Times: The wireless connection is just as reliable as an internet connection and you can expect a fast response time.
    • Quality Services: You can rest easy and be confident that their services are of the highest quality.

No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a quality service from Life Alert that will provide you peace of mind and ensure your protection in any situation.

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