The ‘Time of Your Life’ song is one of the most iconic and timeless tunes of all time. It is an uplifting anthemic track that is often used in popular culture to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Popular Film and TV Use

You may recognize this song from its numerous appearances in pop culture. It has been featured in various films and TV shows such as:

    • Good WIll Hunting (1997) – The song is used prominently in the ending scene of this classic American drama.
    • The Simpsons (1998) – During the closing credits of the Halloween episode, ‘Treehouse of Horror IX’, the song plays in the background.
    • Big Brother US (2014) – The song was used as the background music for Big Brother US’s finale episode.
    • The Voice (2018) – The song was used for The Voice’s season 14 finale.

Music History

The ‘Time of Your Life’ song was written by Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Prits of the pop punk band Green Day. It was released in 1997 and was the lead single from the band’s multi-platinum album, ‘Nimrod’.

The track was an instant hit and reached number #1 in the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It has remained one of Green Day’s most popular songs, having been certified 3× Platinum in the United States and went on to become one of their signature songs.


The ‘Time of Your Life’ song is a timeless classic and its anthem-like nature makes it a perfect choice for pop culture and film and TV production. With its soaring chorus and meaningful lyrics, it is sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in any listener, no matter how old they are.

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