Living life can be an endeavor that requires a lot of effort and thought. On the deepest level, do we all really understand what living life is and what it means?

The Unknown and Life

Life is full of surprises, many of which we can never truly prepare for or understand. What’s more, the future is a curious mix of unknowns, no matter how much we plan and want to predict what will happen. Life is unpredictable and framed by uncertainty.

Redefining Life

Rather than “understanding” life, perhaps a better approach is to consider the different ways we can redefine life in our own minds. Our perspective on life will inform what actions we take and how we experience our lives. Ask yourself these questions:

    • What does life mean for me? Take into account your values and goals in life. This can help give life purpose for you.
    • How can I make my life meaningful? Think about ways you can give back, such as charity volunteering or donating to a cause you believe in.
    • What am I grateful for? Taking time to appreciate the little things that make life meaningful for you can help keep life in perspective.


It’s impossible to understand life in its entirety. However, if we focus on redefining life in our own minds and finding ways to make our own lives meaningful, then perhaps we can make life a bit more manageable and enjoyable.

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