Fractions can seem daunting and intimidating, but they pop up everywhere in everyday life. In fact, learning to recognize fractions can be quite useful in the real world. Here’s a few of the ways fractions are used in everyday life.

In Cooking

Most recipes use fractions to represent measurements. It’s important to understand fractions to make sure the recipe is properly followed. Anything from a well-baked cake to a delicious noodle dish will require an understanding of fractions for the perfect measurement.

In Time-telling

Fractions of time are used when telling time. Most analog clocks have the hour and minute hands which can help to practice recognizing fractions. For example, twelve o’clock is the same as 1/2 and 9 o’clock is 1/4.

In Shopping

Supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants often mark down prices by fractions. Everyone wants to save money, and being able to recognize fractions can help you buy items when they’re marked down at a discounted rate.

In Construction and Interior Design

Fractions are also used when constructing things or trying to make measurements for interior design. Putting up shelves or constructing a fence all require an understanding of fractions for the proper measurements.

Learning fractions really isn’t so difficult when you look at the real-world examples. By understanding fractions, students can be prepared for real-world scenarios such as shopping, cooking and construction.

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