Crafting had always been a passion of mine from a young age, an art form I enjoyed whenever I had free time. After a particularly turbulent period in my life however, crafting went from a hobby to an essential part of my life, not just in terms of entertainment but in terms of my mental health too.

When I experienced a severe bout of depression, I was looking for something to do to take my mind off things and distract me from my everyday worries. Crafting was the answer. It provided me with respite and refuge, as I was able to create something tangible and beautiful out of nothing.

The Benefits

Crafting enabled me to focus my attention and energy on something which was wholly positive, with tangible results. It also enabled me to appreciate the small things, allowing the smaller details to drift away while I was creating something unique and fulfilling. On top of that, the more I crafted, the better I began to feel, with a sense of accomplishment fuelling my ambition and desire to craft more and more.

I also began painting again and working on new projects, which further increased my mental wellbeing, and for the first time in a long time I felt free, like I could tackle anything.

The Small Things

It was the smallest of things too which have made the biggest difference in my journey with depression. Putting my emotions into crafting, piecing together my own unique projects and designs. Surrounding myself with beautiful materials, which then manifested in an even greater beauty; something which was my own and no one else’s.

This was something I was proud of, and craft was helping me thrive in the darkest of times. It was the little things, my projects and the artistic process, which most helped me.

The Final Piece

My journey with depression is far from over. But with the help of crafting I have been able to maintain a level of focus and ambition in my life which wouldn’t have been possible without it. Craftsmanship provided me with clarity and positivity during a difficult period and for that i am truly grateful.

In conclusion, crafting truly has saved my life.

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