Goku is one of the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball series and over the course of the story he is faced with multiple life-threatening situations. In one particular incident involving the villainous Cell, Goku was seemingly killed and appeared to be gone for good, leaving many of his fans heartbroken. However, Goku was able to come back to life, proving once again that he is an unstoppable force.

The Resurrection Process

Goku’s resurrection process was made possible due to the unique nature of the Dragon Balls. By using the collective energy of living creatures, the Dragon Balls were able to gather enough power to grant three wishes. The third wish that was used was for the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, to grant the resurrection of all those killed by the Androids, which included Goku.

The Price To Be Paid

The cost of reviving Goku and the other victims of the Androids was a heavy one. During the wish, Shenron was forced to resort to using a large amount of the Earth’s energy in order to grant the wish. This depleted the Dragon Balls of their power, and thus, they were unable to be used until enough energy had been collected to power them up.


Although it was a long and difficult process, Goku was able to make use of the Dragon Balls in order to come back to life and continue his battle against Cell. The resources used by the Eternal Dragon to power the wish provided a solution that has become iconic in pop-culture, solidifying Dragon Ball’s place in the realm of anime.

Benefits of Goku’s Return

    • Gave the character of Goku a second chance to fight for the those he loved.
    • Provided an opportunity for the Dragon Ball mythology to be explored further.
    • Continued the heroes’ journey to fight for peace and justice.
    • Demonstrated the power of the Dragon Ball’s resurrection wish.

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