‘That’s life’ is an expression used to accept something difficult or unwanted. In French, you can use the following phrase to convey the same message.

C’est La Vie

The most widely accepted translation for the phrase ‘That’s life’ is C’est La Vie. This phrase literally translates to ‘This is life’, and is used frequently throughout various French-speaking countries to accept life’s challenges.

Usage Tips

The best way to use C’est La Vie is in response to something that doesn’t go your way. You can use this phrase as an acknowledgement of the bad, rather than dwell and attempt to fight it.

If used correctly with appropriate context, the phrase C’est La Vie can be seen as a sign of strength and resilience. It expresses a feeling of wisdom and acceptance, and allows you to move past life’s negative moments.


    • Mon chien est tombé malade. C’est la vie. (My dog got sick. That’s life.)
    • Mon voisin fait trop de bruit la nuit. C’est la vie. (My neighbor makes too much noise at night. That’s life.)
    • Le train a été annulé. C’est la vie. (The train was cancelled. That’s life.)

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