My life has taken some unexpected turns over the past few years and I feel that God must have had a hand in it. Through some tough times and happy occasions, God has helped me in more ways than I can count. Here are a few ways my life changed with the help of God:

Unexpected Situations Became Easier to Manage

When I out of nowhere found myself in tough, unexpected situations, I found I was able to face them with strength and peace of mind, something that was not available to me before. Praying to God for guidance and strength gave me a clear mind to see what lay ahead and the perseverance needed to get through it.

I Became More Positive and Laid Back

Before, I used to take just about every situation too seriously. I would let my emotions get the best of me, leading me to some less than desirable outcomes. When I allowed God into my life, I felt the burden of my worries lifted, giving me more freedom to take things as they come.

I Now Witness Miracles Every Day

Prayer has taught me to see miracles in the most common of places. Each morning I wake up to witness a new miracle – the rising of the sun. Even in the midst of tough times, I recognize the miracles around me, no matter how small. This has brought me peace and hope that He will guide me in the right direction.

My Faith Grows Stronger Every Day

I have grown closer to God every day through prayer and meditation, allowing me to gain a better understanding of Him and His will. By reading His Word and studying the teachings of Jesus Christ, I am able to learn more about the One who guides my life, allowing me to live a life of faith and with conviction.

My Relationship With God is Growing

My relationship with God is an ever-evolving journey that has changed my life for the better. Through communication with Him I have found forgiveness and grace, wisdom and understanding. I am thankful for this newfound relationship as it has not only changed me, but made me a better person.

God has changed my life story in so many ways and I am forever grateful for his guidance and presence. He has allowed my life to take unexpected turns without fear, and I have faith that He will always be with me in whatever I do.

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