Lashanta White, a 34-year-old mother of four from Missouri, rose to fame when she appeared in a segment of the hit TLC series “My 600 lb Life.” After appearing on the show, people all over the world watched as she underwent a dramatic transformation in her weight, lifestyle and attitude. But how is Lashanta from 600 lb Life doing now?

Weight Loss

When Lashanta first appeared on “My 600 lb Life,” she weighed almost 600 lbs. With the help of the show’s weight loss program and the guidance from Dr. Nowzaradan, she was able to make major positive strides in her life. Lashanta has now dropped an impressive total of 442 lbs since her first episode.

Health Benefits

Lashanta’s dramatic weight loss has been beneficial to her overall health in numerous ways. Her blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol have all significantly improved as a result of her hard-fought weight loss journey. Furthermore, her mobility and energy levels have significantly improved. She can now do things she never thought she would be able to do, like going out with friends and playing with her kids.

Mental Health Improvement

In addition to physical health benefits, Lashanta’s weight loss has also improved her mental health. Since the show, she has become more confident and empowered in her life and is no longer ashamed of what she looks like. She has radically changed her attitude towards food and has adopted a healthier relationship with her body.


Lashanta has made major strides in her weight and lifestyle changes since appearing on “My 600 lb Life.” Her impressive weight loss has led to vast improvements in her physical and mental health, allowing her to be a better mom, friend and person. She serves as an inspiration to those who struggle with their weight and motivation to take their health into their own hands.

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