Knowing when to change your car’s engine oil is very important in maintaining the optimal operation of your vehicle over a long period of time. When it comes to oil life, most drivers are aware of when their motor oil should be changed. However, when a car’s oil life reaches 0%, how long is it safe and how long should you delay an oil change?

The Significance of 0 Oil Life

When oil life reaches 0%, most cars will not physically stop running, but it is an indication that a change is necessary as soon as possible. It essentially serves as a signal that your oil has reached its usable lifetime limits, and is no longer able to effectively protect your engine.

How Long Can You Drive Once Oil Life is 0?

It is not recommended that you drive your car when oil life is 0%; however, it is possible if you are unable to change the oil immediately. It is not safe to drive your car any longer than is necessary to get your car to the nearest place to change the oil. Generally, it is recommended to drive no more than 1,000 miles when oil life is 0%.

To make sure your car runs as efficiently as possible, it is important to keep track of when it’s time to your engine oil should be changed, or when it reaches 0%. Familiarize yourself with the habits of your particular vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for when it’s time to change your engine oil. While driving with 0% oil life is possible, it is not recommended to do so and should only be done in the case of an emergency.

Ways to Remind Yourself to Change Oil

    • Check the Manual: Many car manuals will include guidance on how often to change oil; possibly every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.
    • Use a Reminder: You can also set a recurring reminder in your phone to remind yourself when it’s time for an oil change.
    • Keep Track of Mileage: Monitor the car’s odometer to keep track of how many miles the car has been driven since the last oil change

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