When it comes to car and truck maintenance, it’s important to know and keep up with regular oil changes every so often. But, how long does 30% oil life last?

What Is Oil Life?

On many newer cars, there is an oil life indicator that monitors the amount of time between oil changes. As you drive and use your car, the oil life indicator monitor will decrease, letting you know when it is time for an oil change.

How Long Does 30% Oil Life Last?

That depends on the type of car you have and your driving habits. Generally speaking, if you have a vehicle with a 30% oil life and you’re driving it normally, it is recommended to get your oil changed at that time. If you are driving in cold weather, or driving your car on short, stop-and-go trips, it is recommended to get the oil change sooner rather than later.

How to Monitor Your Oil Life

You should also periodically check your dipstick when engine oil is cold. Look for the following signs when assessing your vehicle’s engine oil:

    • Oil that appears dark and murky, or has a burnt odor, indicates the oil should be changed
    • Shiny oil that appears to be a golden or honey color indicates the oil is still in good condition


It is essential to take note of the oil life of your car to ensure your engine is running properly. Generally speaking, a car with a 30% oil life should have their oil changed as soon as possible. Regular maintenance and monitoring is key to extending the life of your vehicle.

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