A life sentence in Georgia is defined as the imposition of a sentence of disfranchisement of civil rights and confinement in prison for the duration of the life of the offender. But what does it mean when a life sentence includes the potential for parole?

Length of Sentence

In Georgia, a life sentence means the convicted individual can be held in prison until they die. However, it’s possible to be eligible for parole at certain times. Generally, in Georgia, a life sentence can be eligible for parole after serving 14-25 years, depending on the offense. A life sentence can also be eligible for parole after serving 30 years if the individual is convicted of murder, and if the person was a minor at the time of the offense.

Eligibility for Parole

In order to be eligible for parole in Georgia, individuals must meet the following requirements:

    • Good Behavior: Maintain good behavior while incarcerated.
    • Capital Crimes: Not be convicted of a capital crime.
    • No Violent Crimes: Not be convicted of any violent crimes in the past 7 years.
    • Positive Ideals: Develop positive ideals associated with the rehabilitation process.

After Parole

After parole has been granted in Georgia, individuals must adhere to the following conditions:

    • Stay within State: Remain within the state of Georgia or any other jurisdiction to which they are released.
    • Follow Rules: Follow all rules and regulations set by the parole board.
    • Find Employment: Acquire and maintain employment.
    • Avoid Drugs: Avoid any illegal use of drugs or alcohol.

A life sentence with parole in Georgia means that convicted individuals have the potential to serve less than the rest of their life in prison. However, this only happens when all the requirements for parole eligibility are met and the individual can remain law abiding after their release.

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