Sentencing for capital crimes in Texas may result in life without parole. A life without parole sentence is one of the most severe forms of punishment available and is far more permanent than other types of sentences.

Underlying Concept

Life without parole sentences are intended to keep individuals who commit capital crimes in prison for the rest of their lives. These individuals give up the right to future appeals and any chance of freedom.

Details of the Sentence

The length of a sentence of life without parole in Texas:

    • Length: Indefinitely; the offender will remain in prison until the end of life.
    • No Option for Early Release: No parole is available.
    • Limited Appeal: Appeals are limited to addressing any errors made in the trial.

Examples of Offenses

Life without parole sentences are typically only used in the most heinous of cases. Some examples of the types of offenses for which a person might receive life without parole in Texas include:

    • Capital Murder – Taking of an innocent life, including murder of a law enforcement officer or multiple deaths in a single incident.
    • Murder of a Child in the Course of a Felony – Death of a child while committing a felony.
    • Murder by Terrorist – Terrorist attack that results in death of one or more persons.


Life without parole is one of the most severe punishments available. It is intended to remove the possibility of an offender ever being released. In Texas, life without parole is a sentence that is reserved for only the most serious of crimes, with no options for release or early parole of any kind.

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