Georgia, like many other states in the U.S., uses life-without-parole in certain cases of criminal activity. Life without parole, commonly called LWOP, is an extremely serious sentence that prevents an individual from ever being eligible for parole or release from prison. While some states have abolished LWOP, Georgia has kept the sentence on the books.

What Crimes Result in Life Without Parole?

In Georgia, LWOP is given in some of the most serious cases with aggravating circumstances. It is used in cases of:

    • Aggravated murder, such as when the crime is planned in advance or involves an act of torture
    • Kidnapping when the crime results in death
    • Rape, particularly when done in a particularly heinous way
    • Aggravated child molestation, particularly when committed against a minor 14 years old or younger

What is the Length of a Life Without Parole Sentence in Georgia?

The length of a life without parole sentence is permanent without the possibility of early release or parole. The individual convicted of the crime will be in prison for the remainder of his or her life, serving the lengthy sentence with no hope of freedom.

Is There Any Possibility of Release?

Due to the extremely serious nature of life-without-parole convictions, there is no possibility of parole or early release. However, in rare cases, the individual may be granted clemency by the Governor of Georgia. This is only available in extraordinary circumstances and most individuals are unlikely to be granted clemency by the governor.


It is important to understand the severe consequences of life without parole if sentenced in Georgia. This sentence carries with it the possibility of a lifetime spent in prison without any hope of release or parole. Thus, it is critical to seek the services of a criminal attorney if faced with a life without parole sentence in Georgia.

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