Drawn to Life is a unique, interactive experience that captivates audiences all around the world. But how long is the show?

Overall Length

The Drawn to Life show generally lasts for 90 minutes, excluding breaks. This includes a pre-show with an introduction and audience interaction, along with the main show.


The pre-show lasts for 25 minutes, and includes getting to know the audience, setting the scene and introducing the characters and their stories.

Main Show

The main show takes just over an hour, with a carefully choreographed performance combining music, theatre and dance.


An intermission of 10 minutes is taken partway through the show. This allows the audience to stretch their legs, get a snack or use the bathroom – or just soak up the atmosphere at the show.


To conclude, Drawn to Life has an overall length of 90 minutes. This includes a 25 minute pre-show and 10 minute intermission, as well as an hour long main show full of breathtaking performances.

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