In the state of Florida, a life sentence is typically a term of imprisonment that carries with it a maximum duration of life in prison. When a person is given a life sentence, they are typically not eligible for parole and must serve the entirety of the sentence before they can be released.

What is the Minimum Time Served for Life in Prison in Florida?

The minimum time served for a life sentence in Florida is dependent upon the specific crime for which the individual is convicted. For example, some individuals who commit murder are subjected to mandatory life sentences, which means that they must serve the full life sentence. Other individuals may be given the chance of parole after serving a minimum of 25 or 30 years of a life sentence.

Types of Life Sentences in Florida

In the state of Florida, there are several types of life sentences that may be imposed upon a convicted offender. The following are some of the life sentences that can be served in Florida:

    • Mandatory Life Sentence: This is a life sentence that requires a convict to serve the full life sentence before being eligible for parole.
    • Parole Eligible Life Sentence: This is a life sentence that allows the convicted individual to become eligible for parole after serving a certain number of years.
    • Life Sentence Without Parole: This is a life sentence with no parole eligibility whatsoever.


In the state of Florida, life sentences vary in length and type depending upon the details of the individual’s case and the severity of the crime. In many cases, a life sentence will require a convict to serve the entirety of their life sentence without the possibility of parole.

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