Life Orb is a tool designed to increase the power and effectiveness of certain Pokémon moves and abilities. The Life Orb boosts all of the Pokémon’s moves by 30%, making them much more powerful. It is a staple item in almost every successful competitive team.

How Life Orb Works

The Life Orb boosts the power of all the Pokémon’s moves by 30%. This means that their attacks will hit harder and have greater impact. Additionally, Life Orb also boosts the user’s critical-hit rate, which allows them to land more powerful critical attacks.

Benefits of Using a Life Orb

    • More Power: Life Orb gives your Pokémon more power, allowing them to hit harder and do more damage.
    • More Accuracy: Life Orb boosts the accuracy of their moves, so they are more likely to hit their target.
    • More Versatility: Life Orb increases the versatility of your Pokémon, allowing them to use different moves and abilities more effectively.

Cost of a Life Orb

The cost of a Life Orb varies depending on where you buy it. Online, they typically range from $5 to $10. However, you may be able to find them cheaper at local stores. Additionally, they can occasionally be found as rewards in certain in-game events.


Life Orb is a powerful item that offers many benefits to your Pokémon. It boosts their moves’ power by 30%, making them more powerful and accurate. Additionally, it can be obtained relatively cheaply, making it an excellent item to have on your team. If you are looking to give your Pokémon a boost, Life Orb is an excellent choice.

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