John Proctor in Real Life

John Proctor was an American farmer and tavern keeper from Massachusetts born in 1632. He was most famous for being accused of witchcraft and standing trial for it during the Salem witch trials.

John Proctor’s Age During the Salem Witch Trials

At the time of the Salem witch trials, John Proctor would have been 61 years old. He was the oldest accused witch of the trials and his death would mark the end of the Salem witch trials in 1693.

Details About John Proctor’s Life

John Proctor was an outspoken critic of the witch trials, likely due to his close encounters with both sides. He was married twice and his second wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was also accused of being a witch.

Accomplishments of John Proctor

John Proctor was a successful businessman and owned over 60 acres of land prior to the witch trials. He was also a respected member of the church and was well-known for his charitable works.

Legacy of John Proctor

John Proctor has become an iconic figure for standing trial for witchcraft and his resilience during the trials. He remains a symbol of courage and strength, with many schools and buildings being named after him in New England.

John Proctor’s Death

John Proctor was hanged on August 19th, 1692 at Gallows Hill in Salem. He was 61 years old at the time of his death. His legacy continues to this day, with people recognizing the power of his story and what it stands for.

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