Is your Groove Life belt not quite fitting like it should? If so, you have to adjust it in order to get the best – and safest – fit.

Step 1: Locate Belt Holes

First, locate the belt holes by running your fingers over the belt. Generally, these will be found on the inside of the belt.

Step 2: Put Belt on Correctly

Put the belt on correctly. The buckle should be on the left and the end with the holes on it should be on the right.

Step 3: Tighten Belt

Tighten the belt by going through the following steps:

    • Pass the end through the buckle: Pass the end of the belt through the buckle from the back to the front.
    • Pull through the first hole: Pull the belt through the first hole in the belt.
    • Check for Fit: Pull the belt tight around your waist and make sure it fits correctly.
    • Adjust for Payload: Adjust the belt for comfort and an appropriate payload.

Step 4: Lock Buckle

Once the belt is tightened, lock the buckle by pushing the tab on the buckle and securing it in place.

That’s all it takes to adjust a Groove Life belt. Don’t forget to check the fit often to ensure safety and comfort.

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