Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is a type of therapy which aims to help individuals uncover and understand certain aspects of their past lives. Becoming a skilled past life regression therapist involves specialised training, experience and qualifications – read on to learn more.

What is the Role of a Past Life Regression Therapist?

Past life regression therapists provide clients with a safe, comfortable and confidential space to explore and understand their past lives. Sessions typically involve the therapist guiding their client through a period of relaxation, and then leading them through their past life memories. PLRT is client-led and the therapist’s role is to provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment for exploration and reflection.

Steps to Becoming a PLRT Therapist

  • Gain relevant qualifications: If you are looking to become a Past Life Regression Therapist, you need to be qualified in areas such as psychology, counselling, hypnosis and past life regression studies.
  • Undertake ongoing professional development: It is essential to stay up to date with the latest research in this field and ensure your skills are honed and refreshed. Seek out training and workshops to help you provide a professional and efficient service.
  • Learn PLRT-specific skills: PLRT is not a one-size-fits-all therapy, and it is important to understand the techniques and learn how to apply them in different situations. Develop key skills such as understanding how to use relaxation techniques, safety protocols and age regression techniques.
  • Gain experience: It is crucial to get experience with individuals before launching a career as a Past Life Regression Therapist. Consider shadowing or voluntary placements with experienced professionals, or offering your own services as an intern or practitioner.
  • Build your practice: Once you have experience, you may wish to start offering sessions for a fee. Begin by building your own practice and marketing yourself to clients through a website or social media.


Striving to become a skilled and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist takes time, commitment and dedication. If you have the right qualifications and training, this fascinating line of work is open to you – so if you’re looking for something new, consider giving PLRT a try.

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