If you’re considering becoming an Intuitive Life Coach, it’s a great career with a variety of potential benefits. This form of coaching focuses on tying physical, mental and spiritual aspects together to reach individual and collective potential.

Creating a successful career as an Intuitive Life Coach starts with understanding where and how to start. Here we provide essential tips and tricks for entering this rewarding industry and capping your career with success.

Steps to Becoming an Intuitive Life Coach

    • Gain Professional Experience: The first step is to gain essential professional experience through education. There are a number of universities and college that offer degrees in coaching psychology, social work and other related fields.
    • Complete a Life Coaching Certificate Course: A good idea is to complete a Certificate Course in Life Coaching. These comprehensive courses cover the skills, knowledge and tools a coach needs to provide quality coaching.
    • Learn Intuitive Coaching Techniques: Many people choose to specialise as an Intuitive Coach as it requires independent study. To build a successful practice in this field, you must learn a unique set of intuitive business and coaching techniques.
    • Individualise Your Coaching Practice: To become a successful intuitive coach, you must create an individualised coaching approach for your clients. It’s important to develop a practice that reflects your individual beliefs, feelings, perspective and goals.
    • Market Yourself: Now that you have valuable coaching experience and a personalised service, you need to market yourself to the public. This includes setting up a strong web presence, doing local talks, creating a blog and more.


With the above steps, you can become an intuitive life coach and use your knowledge to work with individuals and groups, Teaching them how to reach their potential by making conscious and intentional choices. With patience and dedication, you can subjectively and objectively assist others on their journey.

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