Basil is a delicious herb that is easy to grow and takes very little maintenance to keep alive. However, there are times when a basil plant may suddenly stop growing or its leaves start to turn yellow. If this happens, it means the plant is in need of help – but don’t worry, because with just a few steps, your basil plant can be brought back to life!

Steps For Reviving A Basil Plant

    • Check The Water – Basil needs plenty of water, but don’t let it sit in water. Make sure you water the soil evenly and in moderate amounts, and monitor the soil’s moisture each time you water.
    • Examine The Light – Basil thrives in light; it needs a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight each day. If the basil isn’t receiving enough light, its growth may suffer, so make sure it is getting the light it needs.
    • Monitor Pests – If the basil has been hit by pests or diseases, it is unfortunately not salvageable. However, diligent monitoring and preventative treatments can help avoid this in the future.
    • Fertilize – Quality fertilizer is essential for the healthy growth of any plant, and basil is no exception. Ensure the fertilizer is applied on a regular basis and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

With just a few simple steps, your basil plant can be brought back to life in no time. Once you understand its needs, it’s easy to give your basil the love and care it deserves, so it can thrive and continue to provide you with delicious herbs for a long time.

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