Step 1: Repot the Plant

Outdated planters are one of the main causes of dying spider plants. Unstable soil and air exposure tend to occur when the pot is too small for the plant. To give your Spider Plant new life, replace its existing pot with one that is size appropriate.

Step 2: Cut Away Dead Leaves

Spider plants often accumulate dead and dry leaves over time. Cutting away all of the unhealthy leaves will not only make your plant look a lot nicer, but it can also help make room for new growth.

Step 3: Adjust Watering Schedule

Spider plants need frequent watering, but the amount of water should vary based on the plant’s environment. Too much or too little water can easily cause a spider plant to die. Keep in mind that the frequency and amount of water needed may change depending on the season and environment.

Step 4: Trim Overly Long Leaves

Spider plants often tend to sprawl out as they mature. To encourage a bushier, more compact look, simply trim the leaves away. This will also help keep your spider plant from becoming too top-heavy.

Step 5: Feed with Nutrient-Rich Soil

Like all plants, spider plants need proper nourishment to thrive. Add nutrient-rich soil or fertilizer to the potting mix to help your plant recover. This will also help to promote new growth.

Step 6: Check for Pests

Spider plants can be prone to pest infestations. If you notice any of the telltale signs of pests, such as curled leaves or discoloration, then it’s crucial to treat the plant as soon as possible. Plant-safe pesticides can help to eradicate any existing bugs.

Step 7: Place in Ideal Location

Finally, make sure that your Spider Plant is placed in a location that allows it to thrive. Spider plants do best in bright, indirect sunlight and prefer humid environments that are not overly dry.

By following these steps you will be able to bring life back into your spider plant and enjoy its lush beauty.

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