The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect example of love, compassion, and mercy. He is God’s gift to humanity, and a people of faith can draw strength and comfort from Him. However, many people struggle with how to truly bring Jesus into their life so they can experience the fullness of His grace and mercy. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when seeking to incorporate the love of Jesus into your life:

1. Pray

Prayer is essential to building a strong relationship with Jesus. Talk to Him as an intimate friend. Tell Him your worries and problems. Ask Him for guidance and direction. Invite Him into your decisions and everyday life. Don’t be afraid of praying because you don’t think you are doing it “right”-God knows the heart of a sincere person.

2. Read the Bible

The Bible is a book of divine revelation and is full of wisdom, counseling and direction for the believer. Reading it regularly is the perfect way to get to know the Lord’s character, plan and will for life. Reading it will also help you in times of difficulty, as it is the source of comfort and strength in all circumstances.

3. Spend Time in Worship

Worship the Lord with all your heart. Make it a practice to listen to Christian music, make time for church services, and sing songs of praise. This will help develop a deeper faith and connection to the Lord and will bring about His peace and joy.

4. Practice Good Works

Good works are the impetus for obedience to the Lord. They demonstrate our appreciation for all that Jesus did for us on the Cross. Serving the Lord’s will is the highest devotion, and if done regularly, will bring immense fulfillment.

5. Spend Time in Intercession

Intercession is a form of prayers that involve us asking God to intervene on behalf of one or many people. It is an act of faith and love and a way to link up with the Lord’s mission. Pray for your friends, family and those in need of special attention-God hears and answers such requests.


By utilizing these simple steps, anyone can learn to effectively bring Jesus into their life and feel His presence every day. Trust in Him, surrender your life to Him, and you will experience the peace, joy and love that comes with being a follower of Him.

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