Having a lush, green lawn is a great way to boost the aesthetic value of a home or property. However, when the sod becomes patchy or starts to die, it can be difficult to know what to do to bring it back to life.

Follow These Steps To Revive Your Sod:

    • Aerate the Soil – Aerating the soil with a manual or mechanical aerator will allow for more water and nutrients to reach the grass roots and help the sod to establish itself.
    • Re-seed the Sod – Over time, sod can become patchy with bare spots. To fill in these areas, use some fresh seed and lightly incorporate it into the existing sod.
    • Water the Sod – For established sod, water deeply to allow the water to penetrate the grass roots. For newly established sod, water multiple times a day to encourage root growth.
    • Fertilize the Sod – Adding fertilizer to the soil helps to provide the nutrients the sod needs to stay healthy and vibrant. Use slow release fertilizer to make sure that the lawn remains healthy and green long term.
    • Expose the Sod to Light – To keep the sod alive, it needs around 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. If trees or other obstacles are blocking the sun, trim them back to allow for more light exposure.
    • Mow the Sod – Depending on the type of grass, mow the lawn to the recommended height. Don’t mow the lawn too short, as this can create severe stress on the grass and lead to an unhealthy lawn.

Following these steps faithfully can keep your sod healthy and green for years to come. With proper care, your sod will look great and help increase both your property values and curb appeal.

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