When it comes to running a vehicle, a reliable and healthy battery is essential. Here are some simple tips on how to check your car battery life:

Inspect the Casing

    • Check the sides and top of your battery for any cracks, bulging or other signs of deformity.
    • Examine the case for any signs of corrosion, leaking liquid or particles.

Check the Connections

    • Be sure all cables are securely connected.
    • Make sure there are no cracks the clamps or corrosion on the posts.
    • Check the clamps and posts for dirt, debris and buildup.

Conduct a Voltage Test

To get a better sense of your battery life, you can use a voltmeter to determine its average charge. The battery should register 12.4 volts or above for it to be considered in good condition. If the voltage falls below 12.4, then it may be time to replace the battery.

Invest in a Battery Tester

If you’re looking for an even more detailed reading, you can always invest in a battery tester. This device can check the battery’s cranking and charging power more comprehensively.

Monitor Performance

In addition to the above tests, it’s important to also be mindful of your car’s performance while on the road. Make sure your headlights, horn and other electrical components function properly. Excessive cranking time or a slow engine may be a sign of a larger issue with your battery.

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