Maintaining your Toyota Camry is essential to ensuring its performance. Checking the oil life plays a vital role in this maintenance. Below are some steps you can use to check your oil life.

Step 1: Master Reset

Once your Camry has turned off, press and hold the “Trip” and “Odometer” buttons until the “Oil Maintenance Required” message appears.

Step 2: Maintenance Required Light

Once the light is illuminated, press and hold the “Trip” and “Odometer” buttons until the light turns off. Once the light is off, the oil life has been reset and you are ready to start again.

Step 3: Check Oil Life

Once you’ve reset the oil life, start your Camry and the oil life indicator should appear on the console. This should give you an up-to-date indication of your oil life.

Step 4: Update Oil Life

Once you have checked your oil life, you should update it regularly. This can be done easily from the main menu of the Camry. To do this, select “Service” and then “Service Interval”.

Step 5: Set Service Interval

Once you select the “Service Interval”, you can set the oil life to any interval desired. This can be done in the form of months or kilometers, whichever you prefer.

Keeping your Camry in tip-top shape is essential to its longevity and performance on the road. Checking the oil life regularly is the best way to ensure the best performance and position your car to last a long time.

Follow these steps and you can easily check your oil life on your 2018 Toyota Camry and keep it running optimally.

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