Kia Telluride is a sporty SUV with a sporty 3.8L V6 engine. It is important to keep your SUV in good condition by regularly checking the oil life. Here are some tips for checking the oil life on your Kia Telluride quickly and easily.

Step 1: Turn your Kia Telluride on

First, make sure your Kia Telluride is in Park with the parking brake engaged and the engine is running.

Step 2: Choose “Confirmation”

Access the maintenance options by pressing the Information button on the left side of the steering wheel. Then, scroll through the options and press “Confirmation” to access the maintenance information.

Step 3: Check Oil Life Information

Once you have selected the “Confirmation” option, you will be able to see your Kia Telluride’s remaining oil life. This is the percentage of oil life remaining before the oil will need to be changed. If the oil life is less than 15%, it is time to change your oil.

Step 4: Reset Oil Light

Once you have checked your Kia Telluride’s oil life and made sure to change it as needed, you will need to reset the oil life. To reset the oil light, press and hold the information button for about 10 seconds. The Kia Telluride Oil Life will then be reset to 100%.

Additional Tips


    • Check the oil Life regularly: It is important to regularly check your Kia Telluride’s oil life to ensure that the engine stays in good condition. Aim to check the oil life at least every 3 months or after 3,000 miles.
    • Use the right oil grade: Make sure to use the right oil and filter for your Kia Telluride. Check your Kia’s owner’s manual to determine what oil grade your Kia needs.
    • Don’t forget to check other fluids: In addition to checking the oil, make sure to check other fluids under the hood. This includes checking your coolant, brake, power steering and transmission fluids.

By following these steps and regularly checking your Kia Telluride’s oil life, you can ensure that your SUV runs smoothly and safely.

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