If you are a life insurance salesperson, then closing a sale may be the most rewarding—and important—part of the process. After all, the sale is your livelihood. There are certain steps you should take to close life insurance sales while providing the best customer service experience possible.

Follow these tips to close life insurance sales:

    • Identify the Benefits. Clients perceive value differently. Explain to the customer the benefits of having life insurance and what it provides to the potential of ensuring their needs are taken care of.
    • Clearly Explain the Policy. Make sure the customer understands what their policy covers and what the premium payments cover. Explain the whole process to them in detail.
    • Make sure the Customer is Secure. After clearly explaining the policy, answer any questions the customer may have regarding the policy and make sure they are comfortable.
    • Discuss the Payment Plan. Explain the payment process and plans, such as whether it’s a lump sum payment, monthly payments, or other payment plans.
    • Comply with Regulations. Ensure that all e-signatures and other documents are up to date, complete and compliant with local laws.
    • Close the Sale. After you’ve completed all steps, line up the benefits and confirm that the customer understands why life insurance is necessary.

Closing life insurance sales is the culmination of all the hard work you put into courting a customer and presenting them with the best options for their needs. Keep these tips in mind when you close your next sale, and you’ll have a much higher chance of success.

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