Life360 is a helpful app that allows you to keep track of your family members, locate your phone and view emergency information. However, if you no longer need the app or a specific circle, you’ll need to delete it. Here’s how to do it:


    • Go to the main screen: On the main screen of the Life360 app, tap on the “Circles” tab in the bottom right corner.
    • Access the Circle: Select the circle you want to delete. If you’re the owner, you’ll see the options “Edit” and “Leave/Delete”. If you’re not the owner, you only see “Leave”.
    • Delete the circle: Tap “Leave/Delete” and select “Delete for Everyone” or “Leave”. You need to be the owner for the first option.
    • Confirm: Confirm your choice and you’re done. You can now view the circle under “Deleted Circles”.


Deleting a circle in Life 360 is an easy process. Keep in mind that only the owner of the circle is able to delete it for everyone. If you’re not the owner, you can still leave the circle and will no longer be part of it.

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