What is Kamehameha

Kamehameha is a technique used in the popular manga and anime series “Dragon Ball Z”. It is an incredibly powerful Ki wave technique which when used in its strongest form, unleashes a wave of pure energy powerful enough to destroy anything it comes in contact with.

Steps for performing a Kamehameha in real life

In real life, Kamehameha can still be performed, though the effects of the technique won’t be as devastating as it is in the anime. Here are a few steps one can undertake to perform a Kamehameha:

    • Visualize – One must first visualize what a Kamehameha looks like and how it works. Visualizing will help in having a better understanding of the technique.
    • Breathe – Focus on your breathing and take deep breaths until one feels a wave of energy starting to form in the area around one’s body.
    • Focus – Focus all one’s energy and the energy around him onto a single point in the air, which will then generate a wave of energy and the Kamehameha.
    • Release – Finally, launch and release the Kamehameha wave in the direction one wishes it to go and watch it spread out in a wave-like formation.

Things to Keep in Mind When Performing a Kamehameha

    • Don’t worry about getting the technique perfect from the start, practice and one will be able to do it better and more efficiently over time.
    • It is important to focus on the energy and the wave that one visualizes. The more realistic the visualization, the better the technique will be.
    • It may take some time to be able to concentrate and focus all one’s energy onto a single point, but once it is achieved, results would be much better.
    • Don’t strain oneself too much while performing this technique as it can be quite stressful and one may feel a bit faint.

With some patience, practice and focus, one should be able to perfect the technique and make their own real-life Kamehameha wave.

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