The Tree of Life is a beautiful and meaningful symbol that carries a rich history with myriad interpretations.



    • Gather your materials. You will need paper, either thin card stock or computer paper, and a pencil, a pen, and a ruler.
    • Draw your outline. Begin by making a single vertical line down the center of your paper. Next, create a line from the bottom up which intersects the vertical line at a 45-degree angle. Then, draw two more lines from the original vertical line intersecting the central line and creating a triangle.
    • Draw the branches. From each of the three points of the central triangle, you will draw diagonal lines that connect, forming three more triangles. This creates the basic shape of your Tree of Life.
    • Add details. Now it’s time to make your tree unique. You can vary the length of the lines, add dots, draw flowers, or any other designs of your choice.
    • Finish your tree. Outline your Tree of Life with a black marker or pen once you are satisfied with your design. You can add background designs or color if desired.

Drawing the Tree of Life is a creative and meditative experience, and a great way to express your personal spirituality.

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