Do you want to give your Gacha Life character a different look? You can easily change the eye color and size using Gacha Life’s editing feature. Here’s a guide on how to customize your character’s eyes in Gacha Life.

Step 1: Select Your Character

To begin, go to the “My Room” tab in Gacha Life and select the character you want to edit.

Step 2: Open the Customization Menu

With the character selected, tap the “Edit” button on the bottom of the screen. This will open up the customization menu where you can start making the changes.

Step 3: Edit the Eyes

In the customization menu, select the “Eyes” tab to open the eye editing options. Here you can change the eye color, shape, and size. To change the color, simply choose the desired color from the palette. You can also adjust the size of the eyes by using the “+” and “-” buttons.

Step 4: Save the Edits

Once you’ve made all the desired changes, click the “OK” button on the top-right corner to save the changes. Your character’s eyes will now be updated with the new color and shape.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play around with the different eye shapes and colors – Gacha Life offers several different eye shapes and colors, so take the time to experiment with them to find the best look for your character.
  • Create an original look – Don’t just settle for the default eye style; be creative and come up with an original look.
  • Change the color of other parts of the face – Once you’ve finished editing the eyes, you can also change the color of other parts of the character’s face like the eyebrows and lips.

Editing eyes in Gacha Life is a simple and fun way to give your character a unique look. With a few clicks, you can easily change the color and size of your character’s eyes and stand out from the crowd!

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