Gaining respect in dog life is an important part of providing a happy and healthy life for your dog. Establishing respect is something that all owners should be aware of and practice in order to maximize the bond between you and your dog. Here are a few tips to help your dog learn to respect you.

  • Be More Assertive – Dogs naturally follow the alpha of the pack and so it is important to be more assertive to be the dominant one in the relationship. This can be done through various methods such as using verbal commands, body language and firmness.
  • Provide Consistent Leadership – Consistency is key to rewarding desired behavior and discouraging undesired behavior. Dogs thrive best when they have clear rules, boundaries and expectations set in a consistent manner and enforced with fairness
  • Be Kind yet Firm – While you should establish yourself as the pack leader, it is important to also remain kind and gentle. Dogs respond to positive reinforcement and kindness, just as they do to firm corrections.
  • Reward Good Behavior – Praise and rewards are the best way to reinforce the good behavior you want to see in your dog. Rewards can come in the form of treats, verbal praise, and physical affection.
  • Avoid Rough Treatment – Rough treatment should be avoided in all circumstances as this often does more harm than good. This kind of treatment will not help with gaining respect in dog life and can lead to behavioral issues as well as physical injury.
  • Set Realistic Expectations – It’s important to understand that respect is earned through positive reinforcement, not through intimidation. Don’t expect too much from your dog and make sure to give them adequate time to learn and adjust to certain behaviors.

Gaining respect in dog life is an important part of being a responsible owner. If you take the time to be consistent and compassionate, your dog will learn to respect and trust you.

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